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Explore our FAQs for insights into our expert skincare services, tailored treatments, and customer care at Skin Glow KC.

At Skin Glow KC, we offer a variety of facial treatments including anti-aging, hydrating, and clarifying facials. Our skilled estheticians assess your skin type and concerns during a consultation to recommend the most beneficial treatment for you.

Our waxing services provide a smooth, long-lasting hair removal solution. We use high-quality wax to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness. Regular waxing can result in slower hair regrowth, finer hair, and smoother skin.

Popular add-ons include dermaplaning, LED light therapy, and aromatherapy scalp massage. These services enhance treatments by targeting specific skin concerns, promoting relaxation, and improving overall skin health and appearance.

We adhere to strict hygiene protocols, including sterilizing equipment, using disposable items where necessary, and maintaining a clean environment. Our staff is trained to follow all health guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients.

Skin Glow KC do have a cancellation policy for Same day cancellations. 50% charge for same day cancellation and 100% for No Call/No Show. I hope you understand that we do have this policy in place out of respect for our time and this also helps us ensure that clients on the waiting list can make an appointment and allows us to continue offering the highest levels of care.

Skin Glow KC stands out for our personalized approach to skincare. We focus on understanding each client’s unique skin needs and crafting tailored treatments. Our commitment to using high-quality products and staying updated with skincare advancements sets us apart.

Skin Care Questions
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Do you have a query about our services or skincare?
Reach out to Skin Glow KC – we’re here to help you shine!

Do you have a query about our services or skincare? Reach out to Skin Glow KC – we’re here to help you shine!

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